Automatic Virtualbox Module-signing for UEFI

These steps are for all those people who hate to sign the Virtualbox modules every time and don’t want to disable UEFI.

1) Generate a key /root/module-signing/MOK.priv and /root/module-signing/MOK.der

2) Add key to uefi sudo mokutil --import /root/module-signing/MOK.der. You will be asked for a password. You can type in any password, but you will be asked for it by UEFI on the next reboot.
3) Create Script (in /root/module-signing/

4) Change access rights on module-signing/ to prevent leakage of the private key by any user but root

5) create systemd script (/etc/systemd/system/sign-virtualbox.service)

6) Start it: sudo systemctl start sign-virtualbox.service
7) Check: systemctl status sign-virtualbox.service

8) Enable Boot: sudo systemctl enable sign-virtualbox.service
9) Enjoy the Result 🙂

Niclas Roßberger

Niclas Roßberger

Hi, I'm Niclas.

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