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Switching to Hugo

If you see this post, my WordPress blog is gone.

My Blog now uses Hugo. I really like formats like Markdown and AsciiDoc. These formats are expressive, and you can edit them with every editor you want and don’t need expensive licenses, like for Word or similar. Another advantage is that you define what should happen by writing and not by clicking a button and hoping the program does what you intended to do.

In general, it is easier for me to write the text and bing perfection to the formatting later on. I cannot do that if I use a WYSIWYG1 editor like Word. Because I’m a perfectionist, I would spend more time formatting unfinished texts than finish writing them. Another advantage is that I can type without leaving the keyboard. Yes, Word provides shortcuts, but not for everything.

In order to switch I had to do some rethinking of my server infrastructure. I’m glad that I already switched to a docker-based setup before. Now for every commit I make (yes my blog is versioned via git) a new docker-container of the blog is build and can be run everywhere. Switching from my own server to a commercial docker-host is really easy now. There is no database to take care of.

The downside is, that comments or view counts are only possible with extra work. For comments, I’ll use a self-hosted version of Commento. Analytics a view counts will be added later on.

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